Bri Gallo is passionate about photography and has a curiosity about the world. On her recent trip to the Omo Valley she was able to engage people and capture great images. Without a common language this is usually a monumental task but her kindness, sensitivity, infectious smile all bridged the gap. She showed a genuine interest in the people she encountered in tribal villages and always wanted to hear peoples life story; what makes them happy, family structure, favorite colors and favorite foods. Her camera unlocked many hearts and her evocative images really give a sense of time, place and emotion. Now back home I am certain she is putting ideas and people together to raise both awareness and funds for the people she met in rural Ethiopia.
— Herb Leventon, Epic Photo Tours
My wife and I recently spent over two weeks with Briana in Ethiopia. While we have traveled the world and have done photo tours with some of the worlds best professional photographers, there is no doubt that being with Briana on this trip was an experience that we will never forget. Briana’s attributes are difficult to simply put into words- since almost every day spent with her was unique and inspiring. Her intelligence, energy and skills both with photography and personal interactions, were so smoothly intertwined that every situation we encountered in our travels with her resulted in an amazing experience. There is so much more that we can write about Briana, but suffice it to say that she is one of most unique individuals that we have ever had the privilege to be with. I doubt that you will meet or talk to any individual who knows her or has spent time with her that would not feel the same way. She is absolutely incredible!!!
— George Saba
It is just that magical sense of wonderment, attention to the tiniest detail, and fascination with the world around her that makes Bri Gallo so incredibly adept at capturing the essence of life in a portrait.
— Anna Haas, Director of Development, Shoulder to Shoulder
Bri brings natural enthusiasm, creative energy, and fun to every job she takes on. I have had the pleasure of working with Bri on our annual benefit, Light Up Lincoln, and have seen her work with a diverse community on a number of development programs. She motivates others with her talent, her can-do attitude, and her genuine interest in making a positive difference.
— Adrienne Morris, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations, Lincoln School
Bri is an incredible artist and photographer. By sharing her stories of rural Honduras, she has widened Lincoln’s focus, bringing the attention of our student, faculty, and parent community to larger global issues of education, poverty, health, and leadership. The power of her story left an indelible impression about the strength of community on our students. Her ability to make other people more aware of the world around them is truly motivating.
— Sarah Garrison, Communications Manager