Customized treks focused on Cultural Immersion, Travel Photography and Personal Growth.

Explore the Himalayas

Small group guided adventure treks to Nepal, Women only groups available.

Our hope is that each member of our group will have the opportunity to engage with the local villages and communities; learn how they live, laugh and see life. Through genuine interactions we will create an opportunity to tell a story through a lens different than our own. No matter what camera you own - even if it’s just an iPhone - we will help you tell a story that you can share. Our camera is not only a tool, but a way to use our hearts to connect and capture an amazing culture.

If you have an open mind, a sense of adventure and are willing to step outside your comfort zone, then this is the trip for you! We will immerse you in a culture that is warm and very welcoming. There will be opportunities to work on landscape and portrait photography, as well as some videography. This is a personalized trip for the travel adventurer, as well as for those who love exploring new cultures. It is not a trip for those faint at heart. “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”

"Once I set my foot in Nepal, took in a full chest of crystal fresh mountain air and saw mighty Everest with my own eyes for the first time, I knew that I’d be back to Nepal”. Let Nepal capture your heart and soul on your next Driftwood Adventure. We offer more than popular guided treks in the Himalayas. If you like exploring beautiful nature, new cultures, meeting new people, trying new foods, working side-by-side on service projects and creating life-long friendships along the way, you will have the most amazing 2 weeks of your life when you join our group. Discover the best treks of Nepal from the Annapurna Base Camp to the Everest Base Camp, and the serene Gokyo Lakes on our next adventure."

Bri Gallo