I traveled through the Omo Valley in November 2104.  The Lower Omo Valley is located towards Ethiopia's south end; the Omo represents the seat of the nation's civilization.  Using the river as a water source, a number of native tribes reside in isolation, in a place that is still raw, natural and timeless, away from the influence of modern development.    In this short clip you will see glimpses of a variety of tribal women at work.  The women are in charge of household chores such as: brewing beer, cooking, buying and selling spices, making butter, cutting and carrying water and looking after the children.

The Kara and Hamer children residing in Omo Child´s Jinka residence are very fortunate to be receiving an education. It is hoped that they will return home and become the future leaders of their tribes. These children attend school, have educational toys, and receive much encouragement to engage in enriching educationalexperiences.